Will you upcycle my Valentine? by wi7ch

I am not exactly sure why the day dedicated to a martyr became the day we celebrate love…but it makes sense:

Real love sometimes is pain, tragedy, martyrdom….

And what a tragedy is to be single on this day!

So what’s better to mend a broken heart than to dress up with something unique?

And who knows maybe it will draw the attention of someone special…


If you feel lonely and tempted to  recycling  an old lover… STOP! Don’t!

Save your time and energy and upcycle instead!


Here’s  an upcycling tutorial for those (with or without Valentines) who want to wear something cool today.



What you need:

  • An old skirt
  • An old Valentine’s Day fabric decoration ( curtain, table runner etc….)
  • Sewing machine
  • Jersey needle
  • Walking foot (optional, but reeeeally helpful)
  • Serger (optional)



Choose the items you want to transform: I used a knit skirt with elastic waist and a nylon curtain.


Let’s begin by taking off the belt of the skirt (thank you, Seam Ripper, my dear friend!)








Cut the curtain the length you desire and attach it to the skirt



If your skirt is made of woven material, this step will be very simple: just cut the same width as the skirt plus some seam allowance. Sew the edge inside out to have a nice finish on the side.



But if like me you like it complicated and chose a knit skirt: take the width of the larger part of your lower body

(I measured on my hips).

Place the curtain outside your skirt,

pin it evenly on the elastic and stretch as you sew.



Now it's time to turn the elastic inside to the original position.



Top stitch it and it's done!

Now go out and rock this outfit!



                                          Wish you LOVE everyone!







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