Welcome to the Coven by wi7ch

Hello Everyone!

First of all let me welcome you in our community and I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

This is the first blog post. Wow! I’m so excited!

Let’s start by explaining what Wi7ch is and how it was born.

Wi7ch is a community based free source for arts, crafts and lifestyle.  Where everyone can find what they’re looking for, but also provide this knowledge to others. A place where people can discuss and help each other. Like coven of crafty good witches!

Why the name “Wi7ch”? Because craft is magic and crafters are all magicians! And witches are known for working together in covens and create wonderful things.

The T is written with a digit instead of a letter like it is often used  on the web,  to express the duality between tradition and future. 

A futuristic approach to something so ancient as art and craftsmanship.

A little bit of history….

I’ve always loved arts and crafts, since I was a little girl I used to draw, paint, build my own stuff, sew my doll’s clothes, make my own jewelry and bags and invent weird stuff like a real little witch.

 I even specialized in videotape “surgery” : I used to transfer movie tapes from broken cassette shells to new ones…I was crafty for sure!


Growing up I’ve noticed that making your own stuff has become expensive and somehow difficult for many people so I thought:

“ How wonderful could it be if anyone could access information and tools for free?!”

And even more awesome… to have a place where they could show their art and discuss with other people and spread their knowledge.

As ambitious as it could sound I decided to give it a try anyway and start to build it myself!

So Wi7ch was born! 


Plans for the future

I’m planning to provide also a place where you can sell your art and find supplies for a fair low price and a way to remunerate all the people that contribute to the collaborative blog.

It’s a bit expensive and complex to realize, so we have to be a bit more patient!

If you want to show your appreciation and participate to the project, you can donate here:


Now let’s hurry to share and spread our knowledge, talent and magic!


With Love,

Paola – Founder of Wi7ch

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