Sexy Back (Yeah!) tunic top by wi7ch

We all know someone who’s a tattoo addicted: a friend, a sibling, or even yourself!

I not only have a friend in love with tattoos, but who's also very picky with her clothes. She wanted a classic, comfortable, not too sexy or too fitted but feminine top to show off her wonderful back tattoo….

Of course she didn’t find anything in the shops but luckily she has a Wi7ch friend that can work magic!

So I created this tunic top with a classic fit but a transparent back. Of course you can use this pattern to make a plain normal tunic with a nice woven fabric or a fluid jersey.

I suggest you let your imagination roam free and add some embellishments too.

It is named after her.


You will need:

  • about 2 m of fabric for front and sleeves
  • about 1m of elastic mesh, net or lace

(If you want a plain tunic, just use 3m of the same fabric)

  • sewing machine
  • serger (optional but it will make it a lot easier)
  • scissors/rotary cutter
  • iron and iron board
  • bias tape (optional if you use a serger)
  • pins /fabric glue


This is pattern includes european S/M/L/XL sizes

This model is very easy to sew, so it is perfect for beginners.


First of all print your free pattern and cut all the parts on the chosen fabric.

Start by sewing the front neck facing. Pin it or glue it if your fabric is too slippery, then sew it.

I also backstiched it and ironed to give it a nice flat look. You can also top stich it if you like the thread showing.

To finish the neck on the back side you have multiple options:

leave a raw edge if you're using knit, add some bias tape or serge it.

Next step is to sew the front and back pieces together on the shoulders.

I usually sew the sleeves in before sewing the sides, to give it a flawless look (also it's easier!)

But before sewing the sleeves we have to construct the cuffs.

Take cuff and fold it in half the wrong side of the fabric should be in the inner side.

Now you have a folded rectangle.

Place it on the right side of the sleeve with the open side facing down.

This is a little bit tricky, so I'm showing you with a high contrast fabric, to understand it better.




Once you've sewn it, extend your whole sleeve, press it with your iron then fold it back up again about 2 cm down from the seam.



That's what it will look like once ironed.




Now you can pin (or glue) your sleeve in and sew it.

Be careful: you have to fold it in the middle to create a nice little pleat.

Sew your sleeve and side seams.

Hemming time!. I made a rolled hem on my serger: quick and effective!

But you can finish it with bias tape or with a simple folded hem on your sewing machine.


Your job is done!

  • 004 – Ludivine Tunic Top.pdf
  • Ludivine # 004 – instructions.pdf
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