Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! by wi7ch

Pizza. This simple dish but so good that it has generated a real cult around it.

The real origins of Pizza are not that clear but a legend says that in 1889 the neapolitan chef Raffaele Esposito created a dish that he called

“Pizza Margherita” to honor the Queen Margherita of Savoy.

It was composed by a simple base of flattened dough topped with tomato sauce, thin slices of mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. All placed to look like a Daisy (margherita in Italian).

Even though I am from the place where pizza was born,  I often picture it in my mind like the one that the teenage ninja turtle used to eat.

It looked so delicious and they were so obsessed with it, that still now if I watch the cartoon I can’t help myself and eat a pizza too!

That's what inspired me for this easy tutorial to make a gift for your pizza addicted friends…or just to keep it for yourself!


A slice of pizza to carry anywhere to hold your headphones or phone charger cables.

And of course it looks like the one that Michelangelo and his brothers used to eat.


This item is perfect to use all the felt scraps, leftovers of other bigger projects.



You will need:

  • Beige, Red, yellow, black, green felt sheets
  • Matching beige thread and a needle
  • Scissors, cutter or X-acto knife
  • 2 small metal magnets or 2 snap buttons
  • Super glue


First of all, print the pattern I made. It will make everything easier.

Cut 2 pairs of triangles from the beige felt sheet.

For every pair, place a magnet in the middle (or a snap button if you prefer) and glue the 2 triangles together.


You should have now 2 triangles made of 2 layers. Put one on top of the other making sure that the magnets (or buttons) match right.

Sew the two pieces  together on the top, now saw a line a bit lower, to create the crust.

Fill it with some scraps to make it puffy, then sew the sides shut.


It’s time for the toppings, you can follow the pattern or let your imagination go wild.

Cut them out and glue’em on the top slice.


That’s all! Your Pizza slice cable order is ready to be shown and make many people jealous.


Now, for sure I’m going to eat a pizza, and I know you will too!

  • Pizza cable holder.pdf
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