No Drama Llama by wi7ch

Since I watched Kuzco crying in the trailer of Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove",  I've been secretly, slightly obsessed with Lllamas...they are so weirdly cute!

So how could I not create my own Lllama Plush?! And of course, I'm sharing my pattern with you, as long as a quick tutorial.

Llama Plush

You will need:

  • Brown & beige plushy fabric. I used bamboo fiber cleaning cloths
  • Brown and Beige sewing thread and needles
  • Fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Sewing Machine
  • Plush stuffing
  • Anything you can find to make you Llama more Groovy


Let's start by printing our pattern. As I find it diffiicult to draw a pattern on plushy material, I put directly the pattern on the fabric and sew on it.

Place 2 beige squares (right sides facing each other) and put the pattern on one (or draw it if you like) and sew them together.

Once you've sewn all around, it will be easy to take the paper off your fabric.



 Cut around the edge of your LLama



Turn it inside out and start stuffing it



Do more or less the same with the head, but after you have stuffed it draw or embroider eyes on both sides and glue it to the body



 Same again with the legs, but this time we won't use the glue but sew 'em together by pair and then sew 'em onto the body

Time to do exactly the same thing with the tail, then your Llama will be ready...

oh wait?! Where are its ears?!? I almost forgot to tell you that if you want to keep your Llama wild, you can add the ears now by sewing or gluing them.












I intend to dress my Llama so I'll be making  him a nice little hat first and then add the ears.

You can now add whatever seems to fit him well or leave it just as it is.






Your gorgeous groovy LLama is now ready!

  • Llama.pdf
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