Is it still Vintage if I make it now? by wi7ch

Yay! Our very first free pattern!!!

I love vintage style, especially 40s and 50s, and I know purists only wear original clothes from that era…but I really like creating my own original items…

so my answer to the title question is…most definitely YES!


   Maybe you are Grease fan....


... or you like the 50s lifestyle! Looking at this llustration how can I not agree with you! lol


Or you simply wanna go for that sexy pin up look!


Retro is a look, it doesn’t matter if you wear something made 60 years ago or yesterday, as long as you enjoy it!




So I created an original pattern for all of the pin ups out there!



The pattern is not exactly for beginners because of the cup seams and bias tape all over, but I did my best to explain how to make it. If you are a novice but wish to try, go for it! And if you need more further instructions, don't hesitate to write to the Wi7ch!

This pattern features instructions in english, french and italian.


It’s a European Medium size with a C/D cup.






It’s quite revealing, so if you prefer it less sexy, I suggest you add some lace or matching fabric in the middle


The back is opened but high enough to cover your bra.

As you can see my dress form is “homemade”, it’s not really pretty but it is super useful as it is shaped on my body.


Hopefully I’ll have time to make a video tutorial soon.

But if any of you Wi7ches would like to make one, don’t be shy!

Post it on here!!!


I dedicate this dress to my late grandma Concetta who taught me how to be crafty and work hard!


Love you “nonna”, wherever you are now!



The pattern is just for the front bodice and straps as the back part and the skirt are easy to draw (no need to waste paper and ink), just follow the instructions.

But if you don’t feel confident enough to draw it yourself, you can write me and I’ll send you the printable pdfs for the back bodice and the skirt.


Enjoy your sewing y’all!


  • Connie # 001 – instructions.pdf
  • 001 Connie Dress – Main.pdf
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