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I love Lucy ! And who doesn’t???

This 40/50s icon represents the best a woman can be:

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Like many of you, I’m a fabric addict (yeah, that’s a real disease, and if it’s not, it should be! Lol)


A while ago I came across a cut of this wonderful fabric and

I HAD TO buy it.

I had it for a while, too afraid to waste it, but around Easter last year I had the need to carry a pie on Paris subway and didn’t have the right bag for it.

As Latin people used to say “Mater artium necessitas”:

Necessity is the mother of invention.


I decided to make my own pie carrier and I knew that this fabric was just perfect!

Of course you can use any fabric, but be sure to use a heat resistant one.

I chose to insulate it by upcycling an old freezer grocery bag, but you can use batting or simply nothing!

It’s very easy to make and great for beginners.



You will need:

- 2 squares of your favorite fabric (50 x 50 cm)
- an old insulated groceries bag / insulated batting (optional)
- bias tape 200 cm more or less (optional, it’s just for esthetics)
- 2 ribbons (25 cm)
- 2 wider ribbons (50 cm)
- scissors, rotary cutter and ruler



Cut two squares 50 x 50 cm from your fabric.
If you use a freezer bag like a did: remove the plastic and cut 2 squares of 48 x 48 cm from the insulating material. Otherwise do the same from your batting.

If you decided to make it insulated, put a squares of insulating material inside a square of fabric,

fold 2 cm all over and sew it in place. If you don't, just fold and sew.

Do the same with the other two.

You should now have 2 squares of about 48 x 48 cm

Take one and place the ribbons on the corners

and sew them about 7cm from the top angle.

The 2 big ones facing each other and same for the small ones.       

No put the other square on top of this one and sew it all around

  Your pie carrier is ready!


If like me you like the bias tape finished look, you can put it all around at this step.

Here's you fantastic carrier,
now you just need to bake all the yummy cakes and pies!

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