Cubical animals are the best! by wi7ch

I know, I know…. Cubical Animals don’t exist....

(shhh, don’t tell Minecraft’s fans!)

But it’s logical, as they are too cute to be true!

I often use my backpack when I go shopping or for a quick week-end break and I wanted a funny tag in case I forget it somewhere and also because, let’s be honest, I wanted a cubical pet! lol

These tags can be very useful for kid’s school backpacks too.

I used felt, but you can also use fabric, craft foam or paper and iron-on vinyl.

I recommend vinyl coating also if you want to use these tags on travel luggage, to make them last longer.



To make your own you will need:

  • Free Cubical Animal Tag Pattern
  • Felt Sheets (or fabric or foam or paper)
  • Glue Gun
  • Transparent Sheet (even an old cd sleeve will work fine)
  • Cutting Tools (whatever you are confortable using)
  • Iron-on Vinyl or vinyl glue (optional)
  • Ribbons & Beads (optional)
  • Super Glue (optional)


First of all print your pattern or design your own. Here you can find three animals: Pig, Pug & Panda.

Gather all the felt colors you need, this is perfet to use scraps from other projects


Now carefully cut the pattern, then put it on the felt sheets and cut all the parts.

Once you finish cutting al the parts, keep the printed label to use as guideline. Don't forget to cut a transparent rectangle, it was difficult to take a picture of it but you can notice it on the black strip.

Take the transparent rectangle and glue it to the hollow one.

Use a glue gun as other glues won't stock on the plastic transparent sheet.

If you plan to coat everything with iron-on vinyl, skip this step.           You can directly just coat the hollow piece instead.


Now it's time to start building your animal! Glue all the pieces to the plain rectangle.

If you are using iron-on vinyl, it is time to coat it now.

I didn't, but I coated the felt triangles with vinyl glue to make them harder and waterproof.

Now glue your animal tag to the transparent one. You have to glue it only on three sides,

Leave the bottom open to insert a label with your info


Almost done....we just need to add a strap to our tag. Cut an opening as shown on the pattern, then slide in the strip and glue it closed (you can sew or knot it instead).


Your tag is ready!

For a fancier look you can use satin ribbons with some beads, or breaded cotton or whatever your imagination suggests you to...

Share your ideas in the comments!

Enjoy Your New Cubical Pet!


  • Luggage Tag – PIG.pdf
  • Luggage Tag – PUG.pdf
  • Luggage Tag – PANDA.pdf
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