Cactus Fever by wi7ch

With the heat wave hitting us every year with more and more intensity, I said to myself that if I have to get used to live in the desert...I might as well do it with style!

Let's add some colored and fun desert vibes to our home by making our own everlasting cactus.

No water or soil needed just some fabric and a lot of creativity!

I'm giving you some suggestions as long with some patterns to get you started in Cacti Making, but really you just have to go along with your fantasy and you can make a cactus out of everything!

We'll see how to make 4 different kind of cacti: Moon Cactus, Saguaro, Aloe Vera & Prickly Pear Cactus

Moon Cactus

You will need:

  • Red, green and yellow felt
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Yellow beads
  • Small Scissors with a fine point
  • Fabric Glue
  • Vase, pot or little basket
  • Aquarium gravel or soil or sand
  • Stuffing



Let's start by making the cactus body/

I printed my pattern directly on the felt, but you can draw it if you like.

This part may be a little tricky: We have 3 sides for every body. Start by cutting on the outside line of every side. We have now three leaf like parts, let's sew them together to form a triangle, or more like a piramid.

You can follow the guidelines: sew blue on blue, yellow on yellow and  pink on pink.

I plan to add a video of this tricky part later, meanwhile, if you need help, don't hesitate to write me.



Time to sew the yellow flower, this process is the basic technique to follow to make almost any cactus.

Once you've mastered it, you can make anything out of it!

First we put 2 squares of felt together (right sides facing each other) sew them leaving the lower side open. Cut the excess fabric and put them inside out. We're doing it three times.

Then we place them in a pile and sew a line in the middle.

We should obtain something like that. Now we just need to stuff it,

sew it closed and add some embellishements if you like


For the red flower it will be a little bit different, we won't sew it inside out, but we will sew it on the right side as we will use the excess fabric as part of the flower

Put to red squares together, one side printed. Now sew following the inner guideline; leaving the lower side open.

One you have sewn it, glue the two squares together along the outside line, like this:

Once dry, cut along the outside line with sharp fine pointed scissors. Do this three times than proceed to do exactly the same thing that you did with the yellow flower minus the beads.


You can now glue your flowers on the top of the cactus body and  then glue the whole plant inside a vase or basket and add soil, sand or gravel all around.





You will need:

  • Green felt
  • Sewing machine and a hand sewing needle
  • Light brown embroidery thread and beads.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn or anything else to make flowers if you like
  • Pot
  • Sand or gravel


With the pattern, follow exactly the same instruction you used to make the yellow flower for the moon cactus.

You will have now 4 pieces and you just have to glue 'em together one by one with a hot glue gun to obtain something like this:

Time to make it prickly! Mark the surface where you want your thorns to be and sew with a thick embroidery thread some knots and secure them with some glue and a bead (this step it's easier to understand by looking at pictures)

  cut the excess thread


Now you can add some flowers if you like, otherwise you can directly glue it to your pot and add some decorative sand or gravel.


Prickly Pear Cactus

You will need:

  • Green & pink felt or fabric
  • White embroidery thread and beads
  • Sewing machine and a hand sewing needle
  • Pot
  • Sand, soil or gravel
  • Colored felt and beads if you wish to add flowers and details


This one will be very easy:

Print or draw your pattern on the inside of a square of felt or green fabric, put it together with another felt sheet, sew them, cut the excess fabric, put it inside out and stuff it.



Same as for the Saguaro, make your thorns with embroidery thread and secure them with glue and a bead, then cut the excess thread



The prickly pear fruit it's also very easy and fun to make:

Just two squares of fabric sewn together. Cut the excess fabric, put it inside out, stuff it and cut the top with pinking shears. You can add some beads to mimic the thorns.

You can add some flowers if you like or put it directly in a pot with some gravel.


Here's a tip, if your cactus is to heavy, too light or too small, make a base with some box paper covered in fabric, insert a metallic wire in it and then inside the cactus. Bend and shape the metallic wire and glue it to the bottom of the pot. Cover the paper base with some gravel with a color matching the fabric


Aloe Vera

You will need:

  • Green Felt
  • Sewing machine and hand sewing needle
  • Green thread and beads (optional)
  • Pot
  • Gravel, soil or sand



This is the quickest and easiest of them all

Print or draw your pattern on the inside of a rectangle of felt,  put it together with another felt sheet, sew them, cut the excess fabric, put it inside out and stuff it. Make as many spikes as you need in every size you like.

Add some beads along the spikes to make it perfect, but if you skip this step you will still have a decent result.


Time to put it in a pot and try new variants and ideas to make your own original cactus!

If you want to add an exoctic twist to your decoration, try to add some funny animals like our Groovy Llama!

  • Moon Cactus.pdf
  • Saguaro.pdf
  • Aloe Vera.pdf
  • Opuntia ficus indica.pdf
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