Boxing Day by wi7ch

Sugar iced cookies or customized chocolate bars can be very pieces of art. 

Sometimes I also enjoy making some for my friends and family, but it’s kind of difficult to find nice little boxes for them and often they’re too expensive for their worth.

So I started making my own and I made a tutorial and some templates so you can too!

You can use this also for non-edible art like embroidery, tile painting, mosaic and anything this size.

This could make also an awesome party gift to give your guests!


I recycle a pizza box and a cold cut wrap because I wanted the material to be food grade, but you can make them out of any kind of packaging.

Three sizes are available in the templates M – S – XS


  • You will need:
  • Pizza or cereal box
  • Transparent food wrap
  • Adhesive fabric  ( or fabric scraps with glue)
  • Glue gun or any glue that can stick plastic
  • Ruler
  • Cutter and X-acto knife or at least one of them
  • Printer or a pencil to draw it


Start by drawing your box on the inside of your cardboard, or if you are as lazy as me, just cut the cardboard in A4 format and print the template on it.

These are the measures if you draw it



Now stick the fabric on the front side.  Cut following the lines on the back.

Use a cutter or an X-acto knife for a better result.

Cut a rectangle of transparent material, slightly smaller than the rectangle where the hole is.

Then glue it all around.

Now fold your box and glue it closed on the side.

All done! here's your little box, food grade and safe!


  • 2 sizes.pdf
  • bigger version.pdf
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