Cactus Fever!

by wi7ch

With the heat wave hitting us every year with more and more intensity, I said to myself that if I...Read More

No Drama Llama!

by wi7ch

Since I watched Kuzco crying in the trailer of Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove",  I've been secretly, slightly obsessed with...Read More

We all know someone who’s a tattoo addicted: a friend, a sibling, or even yourself! I not only have a...Read More

Boxing Day!

by wi7ch

Sugar iced cookies or customized chocolate bars can be very pieces of art.  Sometimes I also enjoy making some for...Read More

I am not exactly sure why the day dedicated to a martyr became the day we celebrate love…but it makes...Read More

Pizza. This simple dish but so good that it has generated a real cult around it. The real origins of...Read More

I love Lucy ! And who doesn’t??? This 40/50s icon represents the best a woman can be: Beautiful, feminine, smart, talented,...Read More

I know, I know…. Cubical Animals don’t exist.... (shhh, don’t tell Minecraft’s fans!) But it’s logical, as they are too...Read More

Yay! Our very first free pattern!!! I love vintage style, especially 40s and 50s, and I know purists only wear...Read More

Hello Everyone! First of all let me welcome you in our community and I really hope you will enjoy it...Read More